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The Mystic Christ

An online review of the book, "The Mystic Christ" by Ethan Walker III


There is one Christ or Logos or Atman which has appeared as all of God's incarnations.

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The Mystic Christ

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Below is my review of the book "The Mystic Christ" by Ethan Walker III

As a mystic by nature who converted to Christianity, I found it extremely difficult to reconcile the established beliefs of my chosen faith with personal experience. The more deeply entrenched I became in the church the more aware I became that something was missing, something wasn’t right. I have pounded pulpits with evangelistic fervor and called sinners to repentance but did I really believe that the same God of peace who saved me would condemn the ignorant to an eternity in hell? Really? Did I really believe that an innocent Buddhist child who dies without a saving knowledge of Jesus would be denied his mercy? Would I give my own child one chance and one chance only to find favor in my sight? My doubts continued to grow, nourished by experience rather than creed, and I could not dig deep enough into the bible to burry them. Eventually I left the church in abject frustration.

Ethan Walker has succeeded in doing what I had failed to do. His book, The Mystic Christ, masterfully unites the Jesus Christ that captured my heart with the central teachings of the worlds other great religions in a way that I knew instinctively to be correct but lacked the capacity to articulate. Until now! This book, while easy to read, is deceptively condensed. Mr. Walker has omitted the accouterments of religiosity and new age vernacular and chosen rather to address the subject matter like a high voltage power line. Not a page is wasted.

I found myself smiling often in appreciation as I read this book. Doubtless I will read it again in the company of a highlighter.

I thank God that truth is not confined in the narrow dogma of those who claim to be its sole dispensers. I also thank Ethan Walker III for giving us this very important work. More than ever, I cannot overstate its significance.